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  • What's a walking tour and why would I go on one?

    With its diverse range of architecture and stunning landscapes Edinburgh is the perfect city to explore on foot and a guided walking tour is the perfect way to discover the city and its 900 years of history!
    Its all too easy to focus on the dramatic events and notorious characters of Edinburgh's past but the city is much more than a mere historical backdrop. It's a city where people have lived and worked for over 900 years. With no costumed theatrics or sensationalist stories my tours rely on factual, research-based information. Focusing on Edinburgh's social history and urban development my tours uncover why the city looks the way it does today giving you a more rounded picture of the city's own history.
    My walking tours do not simply show you Edinburgh's iconic buildings or tell you about its great events. I developed my tours to build a picture




  • Edinburgh Uncovered: 900 Years in 90 Minutes

    An introduction to Edinburgh's urban history that uncovers the city's growth from its tiny medieval beginnings into the vibrant cultural capital we see today.


    Walk through the back-streets of the Old Town to the top of Calton Hill and discover how aspects such as trade, industry, royalty, identity, education and landscape have shaped the city. Along the way you'll experience over 500 years of Edinburgh's changing architecture, from its historic 'closes' and Neo-classical monuments to its Victorian breweries and spectacular 21st century Parliament.
    At just 90 minutes long this tour is a perfect introduction to Edinburgh's own history, a history that goes far deeper than the popular tales of ghosts, grave-robbers and Greyfriars Bobby!

  • Calton Hill: People, Spaces and Buildings

    A tour dedicated to one of Edinburgh's most famous landmarks; Calton Hill - a small hill with a big history!


    Stroll around the wider Calton Hill area and discover how, over the last 500 years, this once isolated and insignificant hill changed into the famous central landmark it is today. We'll look at some of the many different people who have called it home, how its spaces have been used over the years as well as some of its key buildings.
    This two-hour tour reveals Calton Hill has long been a place of contrasts - from education and incarceration, celebration and persecution, grand town-houses and dingy backstreet tenements.

  • FAQ

    • Who for? Anyone interested in Edinburgh's history, from first-time visitors to long-term residents. All tours are given in English and are recommended for ages 16+
    • Group size? All tours are taken in very small groups with a maximum of 8 people. Super-small groups allow you to hear your guide easily and makes moving around the city simpler and quicker.
    • Fitness? You don't need to be super-fit to take a walking tour of Edinburgh but the city is hilly, with lots of steps and steep slopes, so you will need a reasonable level of mobility and fitness - as well as a comfortable pair of shoes! 
    • Weather? In Scotland there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes! Please check the weather forecast before setting out and dress accordingly, remembering that it can often be very changeable. Tours will run come rain or shine and will only be cancelled in extreme weather.
    • Your guide? I am an Edinburgh resident and history lover with a passion for people, buildings and landscapes. Discover more about me.
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