• A bit about me...

    Hi, I'm Hetty. An Edinburgh resident for over 25 years, I am fascinated by the built environment and how it can reveal the past to us.

    With a life-long interest in history and culture; a love of people, buildings and landscapes; and an insatiable passion for reading, I started Hetty's History Walks: Edinburgh Uncovered in 2019, after achieving a first-class MA (Hons) in Social and Architectural History from the University of Edinburgh.


    For me Edinburgh's history is so much more than its kings and queens, its famous ghosts or its notorious events. I'm more interested in the history of the city itself - how it, and its people, have changed and adapted over time - and this is the focus of my tours.


    Find out more about my interests by visiting my blog, check-out my credentials on LinkedIn or keep scrolling to find out what else I do...

    Other things I do...

    For the last few years I've guided the Doors Open Day tours at the fabulous Assembly Rooms, in Edinburgh's George Street. In 2020, I provided the research and narration for a series of video shorts that look at the 230-year-old building's social history. You can watch the short introduction below or view the complete collection.

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    I also volunteer at the Museum of Edinburgh in their courtyard of architectural fragments, something I started doing when I was a student. The courtyard is a bit of a hidden gem and most people stumble across it by accident, but its collection of stone carvings contain examples covering over 500 years. The Museum is free to visit and, in normal circumstances, is open 7 days a week. During 2020 I created the first visitor guides to the Courtyard Collection, a full version and one of selected highlights, for when the world re-opens. You can find out more about this hidden courtyard on my blog.

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